Redefining success


New moon in Capricorn means a rising tide of energy that can be put to use to strategize the best plan for you. Tailor your routine, your career, and sequence of priorities to make living your best life a reflex.

Having everything be a matter of personal protocol means that you never have to break from your immersion in the moment as you experience it. No more thought spirals.

Jupiter and Mercury during this time indicate that your internal world can benefit from the same refinement as your external emanations,as highlighted by stationing retrograde. Using a recursive process, you can use your meditation time to reflect on the experiences that perhaps show instances where conditioning had control of your reactions. Identify that conditioning and dive into it by sitting with it; acknowledge and honor it. Invite it in; If it has something to tell you it will do so.

Go without, and within the same as you draw breath. Follow the tides; Use the natural frequencies to assist in times of expansion and contraction. The new moon cycle is setting the tone for the lunar month.  The first new moon of the year means this is the month to do your work to set the tone for the entire year to come.

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