Interdimensional fungus harvesting our emotional energy

Inside out theory


“The movies are a machine that generates empathy.”, said Roger Ebert.

The video linked above suggests that in the Pixar universe that empathy (or emotional energy) can be harvested as a source of energy. This makes little sense when viewed from a classic materialist vantage that all emotional phenomena are the product of chemical brain reactions. Neurotransmitters releasing and binding to receptors in a closed system within a single physical body. Consider then the possibility that emotional response as potential generated between two bodies (or when some thing is “emotionally charged”), or the discharging of that potential during an emotional event such as a confrontation.


This seems like crazy talk or is completely useless because you can’t plug a toaster into your fear, or drive to work with laughter. But what if you look at us from the perspective of a hypothetical consciousness that exists in more than our three spatial dimensions. A being that can perceive in higher dimensions would be able to see aspects of our existence that are normally hidden from our view.  In the theory video, the monsters from Monsters Inc travel to points in their past, our relative present, by opening doors and popping over like you would visit a neighbor. This suggests to me that they have penetrated at least the secrets of 4th dimensional existence and can travel to points throughout time by moving them next to each other like folding a piece of paper to make two points touch (like in Event Horizon).


Emotions: a six pole electromagnetic arrangement, in higher dimensions.

Particular fungi are thriving in the radioactive zone left by the Chernobyl incident. It is thriving because fungi can use non “visible light” radiation as an energy source. From the tumblr post above I can imagine the fungus that we see growing in our three dimensions as a projection of 4th or higher dimensional nervous system, that uses emotional energy, projected into three dimensions. Nervous system might be a misnomer because the metabolic functions at work but certainly more would be going on than a single isolated function.



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