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I have read Ginko Biloba never really panned out as the memory boosting herb it was supposed to be. Vinpocetine seems to actually fill that role quite nicely. Vinpocetine frequently comes in 5mg 10mg 20mg and 30mg doses; I have found 20mg to be the sweet spot (20mg seems to be a rare single pill dose with Pure Encapsulations being the best one I found) I am currently taking two Source Naturals 10 mg in the morning with the rest of my stack. Occasionally I will add one additional 10mg with my afternoon boost though I have noticed an increased incidence of headache with the higher daily doses. Could be coincidental but I cannot discount this as a side effect since I have seen it reported elsewhere.

When you first start taking this supplement you probably will not notice any difference; as was my experience. When I first started to notice it’s effects, recall was more automatic and effortless. Responses to questions that might have taken a moment to search the memory banks for are right on the tip of my tongue. Typing accuracy and speed seems to have improved as well since I started on the Vinpocetine but this could be cumulative with the rest of the stack, synergistic effects, or just plain old I got better with practice; It’s a rich tapestry.

My suggestion for this supplement is to add it to your regimen if you work in an office setting and need to provide answers to others when time is of the essence. Project managers should be all over this. Since the primary mechanism seems to be as a vasodilator, bodybuilders have experimented with Vinpocetine to increase blood flow to muscles though I cannot comment on it’s efficacy in that regard. Cycling off of Vinpocetine may be advisable on a regular schedule since there seems to be some long term side effects from continued use. As with all things do your research and consult a physician before starting any supplement  regimen. These are just my experiences as a lay person.

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