Luciole Liberation at PLF Decemberween NYE

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PLF NYE: Decemberween will feature the Richmond debut of the Luciole Liberation fire troop! “Luciole Liberation is a Maryland-based creature collective sparking creativity through fire and theatrical performance art. We believe that creative expression and the flow state allow us to liberate ourselves from the confines we face in our daily life. Our name translates to the liberation of the firefly. We come to share our light, and set the world free.)” (Maddie Sharp, Andrew Smith, Teresa Stewart, Christopher Colfack, Cole Turpie, Nichole Jonker, Zach Platt) Check their page and follow them! photos by Bob Connolly- @bc_nola Rob Klug- @osoikame Tony Hitchcock @tonyhitchcock (last two) . . . #plfrva

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