Psychological Vantage of the April Full Moon


The full moon in Scorpio (from what I have gathered) deals with killing the conditioned self, putrefaction, fermentation, and the emergence of your authentic self. The soul self. That thing you were when you arrived here; but clothed in the personality that you came here to embody along side that “I am”. The article linked below rang a lot of those bells as I read. Jump on over and give it a read.

I. “The ancient masters cultivated the mysterious essence. They were profound, subtle – beyond our ability to comprehend. For this reason we cannot know them, but we can try to describe their existence: Cautious, as if crossing an icy river in winter. Vigilant, as if surrounded by unseen dangers. Reverent, as if receiving honoured […]

via Cultivating the Mysterious Essence: on Authenticity — symbolreader



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