Astrology Jan 30 – Feb 7 (♒️II): The Crimson Mirror + Lunar Eclipse | Austin Coppock

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves ~ New Moon in Capricorn-January 16th, 2018 – Aeolian Heart Readings Perhaps the new moon reminder i was looking for. I will use this to work magic with the intent of mastering the material plane with diligence and respect.

Astrology Jan 10 – 19 (III♑️): Authoring an Edict | Austin Coppock Interesting that my Leo is executive in charge of labor and my Virgo is executive in charge of Beautification. That seems like a juxtaposition. My Aquarius moon will be executive in charge of the psyche and from… Read More

Astrology of 2018: The Lay of the Land | Austin Coppock Sometimes magic means following through on the mundane things. Today I was given the advice that can’t be overconfident in my ability to manifest; that I can’t create something out of nothing.  There are physical laws that… Read More

Beginnings – Rune Soup

Morphic Resonance

Largest prime number discovered – with more than 23m digits | Science | The Guardian