The Art of Memory ~ Solar Eclipse in Aquarius-February 15th, 2018 – Aeolian Heart Readings

Astrology Jan 30 – Feb 7 (♒️II): The Crimson Mirror + Lunar Eclipse | Austin Coppock

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves ~ New Moon in Capricorn-January 16th, 2018 – Aeolian Heart Readings Perhaps the new moon reminder i was looking for. I will use this to work magic with the intent of mastering the material plane with diligence and respect.

Astrology Jan 10 – 19 (III♑️): Authoring an Edict | Austin Coppock Interesting that my Leo is executive in charge of labor and my Virgo is executive in charge of Beautification. That seems like a juxtaposition. My Aquarius moon will be executive in charge of the psyche and from… Read More

Astrology of 2018: The Lay of the Land | Austin Coppock Sometimes magic means following through on the mundane things. Today I was given the advice that can’t be overconfident in my ability to manifest; that I can’t create something out of nothing.  There are physical laws that… Read More

Beginnings – Rune Soup

Largest prime number discovered – with more than 23m digits | Science | The Guardian

Mary Magdalene

I.“There is something special about their relationship, something not simply reducible to teacher and devotee, and all attempts to hedge and prevaricate about its nature merely render its energy more palpable. The unspoken bond between them reverberates through… Read More